Our Story


DEA is an independent womenswear brand, based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in tailored leather garments. Launched as a labour of love by Julian Ferro in 2010, DEA quickly grew to become the go-to leather and co-ordinates brand in department stores and boutiques across Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.
Providing the finest quality fabrics with modern-innovative designs; all at everyday prices, the brand continues to go from strength-to-strength. 

Our roots to Ancient Rome:

DEA (Latin: [ˈbɔna ˈdɛ.a]; 'Good Goddess') was a goddess in ancient Roman religion. An Italian deity, supposed to preside over the earth, and all the blessings which spring from it. She was also the patron goddess of chastity and fruitfulness in women. The names Fauna, Maia, and Ops, were originally no more than varying appellations given by the priests to the Dea. She is represented in works of art with a sceptre in her left hand, a wreath of vine leaves on her head, and a jar of wine at her side. DEA was associated with chastity and fertility in Roman women, healing, and the protection of the state and people of Rome.

Major cult center: Temple of Bona Dea

Festivals: Festival of Bona Dea (May 1)